Detroit police officer shoots at dog, stray bullet strikes home

Investigation ongoing

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DETROIT – A homeowner is demanding answers from Detroit police after a bullet came into his house while his three children were home.

No one was hurt in the incident, but he claims to have video that proves the bullet was fired by a Detroit police officer.

The gun was aimed at a dog that was charging at the officer. The dog was not injured.

"You looking at this hole coming through my window straight into my living room," homeowner Antonio Cargill said. "That could have killed somebody."

UPDATEDetroit police investigating after officer shoots at dog, bullet strikes home

Cargill insists the damage came from when Detroit police tried to shoot his neighbor's German shepherd as the dog charged at officers last weekend on Lakeside Street, just off Outer Drive.

Cargill was inside the house recording the incident. When he went outside to tell police the bullet hit his house, he claims the police officers dismissed his concerns.

When Cargill's fiancee went to the 5th District to pick up a police report on the incident she claims they told her they didn't have anything on file about the incident. They believe that could indicate an attempted cover-up of the situation.

Detroit police are refuting the claim that officers didn't report the incident. A spokesperson said a report about the damage to the house was made and evidence techs went to the home on Saturday. There is still an investigation into the situation.

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