Weather conditions delay flights at Metro Detroit airport

People trying to fly out of Metro Detroit for days

DETROIT – Mother Nature is making it harder than ever to get home for the holidays this year. 

“It’s been like a trip from hell,” said Linda Cabaj. 

That’s the perfect description of the last couple of days for Cabaj. She has been trying to fly out of Detroit for two days.

“We got lined up out here waiting for the traffic; the people trying to either leave or come into this airport. Some of the bad weather was already this morning and I heard on the news it delayed some of the flights,” Cabaj said. 

That delayed her flight three times. But not everyone is having trouble. 

“I haven’t had any challenges or anything so I’m encouraged,” said Taft Gaddy, who is on his way back home to Washington, D.C.

Although things are going smoothly for now, he was a little worried about the weather. 

“I had some concerns but I just figured that we would be able to make this. It is just a little 58-minute trip,” Gaddy said. 

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