R. Kelly documentary uncovers shocking new allegations


DETROIT – A new documentary series focused on the the life of R. Kelly is creating some serious buzz on social media and the series has connections to the city of Detroit.

The executive producer of the series, "Surviving R. Kelly," was born and raised in the city.

She interviewed several of Kelly's accusers, who talk about sexual abuse allegations. 

R. Kelly's success in the music industry in undeniable.

"He has made multiplatinum hits for himself and for other people," said Tonya Williams, a longtime fan. "I just genuinely love his music."

The new series is exposing more allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct against the R&B singer. People close to Kelly are shocked.

"My experience with Mr. Kelly was completely different than what you're seeing on television," said Montez Miller.

Miller is a native Metro Detroiter and a longtime music industry figure, working as a producer and photographer. She worked for the BET Network and first met Kelly in 1991. 

"There was rumor that he was dating Aaliyaa," Miller said. "I didn't have anything to do with it. What can I do? Do I condone it? No, I don't."

The series is impacting several others from the Metro Detroit area as well. 

"I've received several phone calls today," said Dr. Kim Logan Nowlin, a therapist in Detroit who works with sexual abuse survivors. She said the series is a trigger.

"It's bringing back emotions," Nowlin said. "The pain they have suffered, trying to overcome the problems they have dealt with."

Kelly has denied the allegations, but the series keeps the conversation about sexual abuse going.

"I felt compelled to work on this project the moment I heard the first statement from the victims. With young girls struggling to be heard, seen & believed it was my obligation to give them a voice. I am advocate for these women & all women who have suffered at the hands of R. Kelly and other predators. I’m thankful that Lifetime gave them a platform to finally be heard," said Tamra Simmons, one of the executive producers of Surviving R Kelly. 

If you've been the victim of sexual assault and need to talk to someone. Contact the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline here.

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