26-year-old Rochester High School teacher accused of having sex with teen students

Kathryn Houghtaling faces charges

ROCHESTER, Mich. – A Rochester High School teacher was fired and is facing criminal charges for allegedly having sex with teen boys who are students at the school.

Kathryn Houghtaling has been charged with six counts of criminal sexual conduct in the second-degree. She is accused of having sexual relations with two boys, 16 and 17. Authorities said nothing happened at the school.

Kathryn Houghtaling (WDIV)
Kathryn Houghtaling (WDIV)

Houghtaling was a first-year teacher who taught special education at the school. There is no indication that the boys were students in her class.

Houghtaling was recently married and lives in Sterling Heights with her husband. A neighbor said she was surprised when she heard what happened.

"I would never have imagined something like that from knowing her," Jamie Zebari said. 

Authorities said nothing happened at the school, and it's unclear how long the alleged sexual relationships lasted. Sources say Houghtaling had sex with the boys at an apartment and one time in a car, while other students watched. 

Houghtaling is expected to be arraigned Friday morning.

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