Metro Detroit polar vortex: Items to never leave in your vehicle during extreme cold

Subfreezing temperatures can destroy items

DETROIT – Subfreezing temperatures that will hit Metro Detroit this week can destroy items left in vehicles.

There are some things you should never leave in your car when the temperatures dip.


Cellphones can get condensation inside when the batteries heat up after they are left in the cold.

Musical instruments

Wooden instruments are especially susceptible to damage when they are left in the cold. Cold temperatures cause the instruments to contract. When they warm up, they can crack.


Medications, especially liquid medicines, should never be left in the cold. If the medicine freezes, it can separate when it thaws, leading to incorrect dosages or ineffective results.

Inhalers can also be affected by cold. Low temperatures can affect the medication's propellant, which can cause the inhaler to leak or administer incorrect doses.

Pop cans

Frozen pop expands, leading the can to explode.


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