35 sets of cremated remains discovered at abandoned funeral home on Detroit's west side

Cremains found at Howell Funeral Home

DETROIT – Officials found 35 sets of cremated remains Wednesday night at the abandoned Howell Funeral Home on Detroit's west side.

The grizzly discovery leaves another set of families in limbo.

"You trust them to take care of this stuff and handle it the way they're supposed to handle it, and they're hiding bodies and remains," Debra Revel said.

Revel's uncle, Albert Blue, was cremated in 2005 at the Howell Funeral Home, formerly known as the Ramsey Funeral Home. Her mother was paying for the cremation.

"She was going through some financial difficulties," Revel said. "The funeral home just closed down, and we didn't have any closure with that."

Revel said the funeral home closed before her mother could finish paying. Now, seven years later, after her mother's death, Revel is finding out about the cremains recovered at the shuttered funeral home.

"I would like to have him just to fulfill my mom's wishes and my auntie's," Revel said.

Howell Funeral Home is the latest facility facing a state investigation. Detroit police are still working to identify dozens of remains uncovered at Perry and Cantrell funeral homes.

Residents said they don't know what to think at this point.

"It's hard to believe that somebody, that many people, can be totally forgotten," said Daniel Rucker, who lives next door to the facility.

There are still many unanswered questions in the case. State investigations and police officers are digging through evidence to get to the bottom of the case.

Local 4 called the property owner and was told she would get back to us, but so far there hasn't been a call back.

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