Family gives emotional testimony at sentencing linked to brutal murder of Macomb Township teen

Eevette MacDonald sentenced to one year in prison

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A woman who helped her friend cover up the murder of 19-year-old Stephen McAfee was sentenced Thursday to one year in prison and three years of probation.

Members of the McAfee family were in court to give their emtional testimony before Eevette MacDonald, 20, was sentenced.

Michael McAfee, the victim's father, blasted MacDonald.

"I believe Eevette MacDonald will never understand what her actions did to me and my family," Michael McAfee said.

Eevette MacDonald in court for her sentencing on March 7, 2019. (WDIV)
Eevette MacDonald stands and watches at Stephen McAfee's older sister Catherine McAfee reads her victim impact statement in court March 7, 2019. (WDIV)

He said MacDonald never came forward as he frantically searched for his missing son, day after day.

Officials said MacDonald knew exactly what had happened to McAfee and where parts of the body were hidden.

"I believe that if she didn't confide about his body, it would still be buried in (Andrew Fiacco)'s backyard, encased in cement," Michael McAfee said.

McAfee was shot in 2016. His friend, Fiacco, was convicted of killing him. McAfee's body was them dismembered, and parts were buried.

MacDonald was Fiacco's girlfriend. She pleaded guilty to cutting up McAfee's body with an ax and hiding the remains.

McAfee's parents don't think MacDonald is sorry.

MacDonald apologized in court.

"I want to apologize that I had a part in the pain that they are going through," MacDonald said.

You can watch Shawn Ley's full story in the video posted above.

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