Detroit City Council members propose plan to create residential parking permit zones


DETROIT – A proposed plan to help ease residential parking woes would create residential parking permit zones in some of Detroit's busiest neighborhoods.

Councilmember Castañeda-López and Council President Pro-Temp. Sheffield co-sponsored an ordinance that seeks to create a new streamlined process for residents to establish residential parking permit zones block by block.

How it would work

The ordinance will require 60 percent of all residences in the proposed to sign petitions in support of creating the residential parking permit zone.

Once established, 50% of residents must sign up for the permit in order for the zone to become active. The ordinance allows residents to apply for up to three passes and thirty annual visitor passes.

In addition, seniors and residents that receive a partial or complete property tax exemption will be eligible for a discount.

While the ordinance does not guarantee a parking spot for everyone, it is a necessary step to protect residents.

“As our city grows and changes we must put residents needs first. For the elderly, young families and those with different abilities being able to park close to their home is important.” said Councilmember Castañeda-López. “I look forward to working with residents to establish residential parking zones in their communities.”

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