Andrew Fiacco found guilty of second-degree murder in long-running Macomb County homicide case

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A tragic Macomb County story is almost at an end. 

Stephen McAfee was missing for more than a year before his mutilated body was found.

Andrew Fiacco was sentenced Thursday to at least 52 years in prison for the murder and dismemberment of 19-year-old McAfee.

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The prosecutor and judge felt the crime warranted a longer sentence and the McAfee family was afraid Fiacco might kill again. 

There was little room for interpretation inside the Macomb County courtroom -- The McAfee family wanted Fiacco to be locked up for as long as possible.

McAfee vanished three years ago. Court documents claim Fiacco drove McAfee to an empty field in Bruce Township, shot him in the head and then cut up his body and buried his remains. Fiacco's attorney argued he acted in self-defense.


Fiacco asked his girlfriend for help moving the body and she told a friend, who tipped off the police. The girlfriend, Eevette MacDonald, has been sentenced to one year in jail for helping Fiacco.

A jury found Fiacco guilty of second-degree murder. At the sentencing, the McAfee family argued the prison time for second-degree murder wasn't long enough.

Judge Jennifer Faunce agreed, sentencing Fiacco to 52-70 years in prison. 

Fiacco's attorney said the defense will be appealing his sentence.

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