Report: Las Vegas officer recorded man's genitals, used n-word, made disabled man dance for her

Rachel Sorkow, 29, facing multiple charges

Rachel Sorkow, 29, is charged with five counts of felony misconduct stemming from incidents in which she recorded inappropriate interations with people while on patrol, investigators said. (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

LAS VEGAS – A Las Vegas officer was arrested Tuesday after she recorded video of a man's genitals, used racial epithets, made a mentally ill man dance for her, and more on separate occassions, according to an arrest affidavit.

Rachel Sorkow, 29, is charged with five counts of felony misconduct, capturing the image of the private area of another person, and indecent exposure. She was relieved with pay in December and dismissed this week, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The investigation into Sorkow began in September after authorities learned a felon had convinced her to check if he was being followed by officers, according to the affidavit. Investigators said they soon learned that Sorkow would use her resources as an officer to provide family and friends with addresses, background checks, and license plate numbers of dating prospects.

Detectives met with Sorkow in December to tell her about the investigation. It was at this time that they took her cellphone and found video footage of further misconduct. She would reportedly share the videos with family and friends, mocking and joking about the people she encountered while on patrol.

The first such incident occurred April 14, 2017, according to investigators. Video footage reportedly showed a man believed to be mentally ill standing next to Sorkow's cruiser wearing a dress. 

"I just want to see you dougie and twerk and then we’re good,” Sorkow was allegedly heard saying. “Come on!”

Investigators said Sorkow shared the video of the man dancing with at least three people, and used a transphobic epithet in reference to the man.

On November 1, 2017, Sorkow recorded a video of another officer feeding gummy bears to a man in handcuffs, according to investigators.

“Was that good, bro?” she was allegely heard saying. “Give him another one! Give him another one! Open your mouth! Eat it!”

When confronted over this incident in December, Sorkow laughed and said, "I joke all the time," according to the affidavit.

On January 24, 2018, Sowkow recorded a video mocking a 250-pound woman who had reported a domestic violence incident, investigators said.

Sorkow was allegedly heard in the video asking the woman if she would be on the reality TV show "My 600-Pound Life."

When Sorkow was confronted over this incident in December, she again laughed, according to the affidavit.

On May 16, 2018, Sorkow was with the same officer from the gummy-bear incident when they responded to complaints of a man exposing himself in front of a business, investigators said.

Sorkow recorded video of the man as he raised his leg, exposing his penis through a rip in his pants, according to the affidavit.

"Do it again! Do it again," Sorkow allegedly said as she giggled and zoomed in on the man's groin area.

Sorkow was then heard using the n-word and asking the man, "And what are black people?" according to investigators. She reportedly told detectives that she was joking and meant no harm.

Sorkow is currently free on $5,000 bail, officials said.

It is unclear if her partner who appeared in at least two videos was disciplined. A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metro Police said the internal investigation would be kept private.

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