Neighbors dispute details after family dog shot, killed in Milan

Dog owners say neighbor killed pet with shotgun

MILAN, Mich. – A beloved family dog was gunned down Monday by a neighbor in Milan, according to the dog's owners.

"He didn't like him," Alexandria Cupp said. "He made it a point to kill him, and he succeeded."

Cupp said she can't believe her German shepherd, Tucker, is gone. He was shot and killed Monday night by her neighbor, the dog's owners said.

"He was in so much pain," Cupp said.

Her husband, Mike Cupp, said he heard a bang, saw his neighbor with a shotgun and found Tucker in the middle of the road.

"I run to Tucker, he goes like nothing happened," Mike Cupp said.

The neighbor was not arrested. Another neighbor defended the shooter, saying Tucker bit had bitten him in the past.

"With respect to the shooter, the man was threatened by the dog on his property," the neighbor said in an email to Local 4. "We believe the owners moved the dog into the road so they would not be responsible."

Tucker's owners said that's not the case.

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