Warning issued about possible police impersonator near Brownstown Township

Similar incidents reported in Michigan

A photo featuring the social media post that was circulating online Saturday.
A photo featuring the social media post that was circulating online Saturday.

BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Huron Township police are urging the public to be cautious about a possible police impersonator. 

The warning was initially made through a social media post published Saturday morning.  

The Brownstown Police Department received a report regarding the situation and are investigating. 

"Although Huron Township has not received any similar incidents, it is obviously very close to our community and something that we want everyone to be aware of," Huron Township police said in a news release. 

The social media post can be read below: 

"Okay, so if you live in or near Brownstown and Romulus, please be careful. I was pulled over by a black Escalade, an unmarked car on Inkster and Sibley. They had lights on the SUV. A officer gets out in a blue jacket that says police and a hat. He asked me to roll down my window. I told him no. He said it again. He said if you do not roll down your window I will break it for not cooperating. I had told him that I do not feel safe and that I would call another officer to help. When I went and reached for my phone to call the cops, he had taken off the opposite way. Please be careful." 

Police said that while the social media post stated the vehicle was an Escalade, further investigation indicates it may be any type of dark SUV.

Police added that if an unmarked SUV attempts to stop drivers, they should pull into a lighted area and call 911 to verify. Huron Township officers will always be in full uniform. 

It also appears there were similar incidents in Brooklyn, Michigan recently. The Huron Township Police Department is working closely with the Brownstown Police Department and will keep the public updated as it receives information.

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