4 arrested after 6-car pileup on Moross Road in Detroit: Here's what happened

Police say cars were chasing each other before crash

DETROIT – It's almost like a scene straight out a movie: A six-car crash after a chase because of a drug deal and a robbery.

One of the people involved escaped through the sun roof before taking off again. It happened Wednesday on Moross Road west of I-94 on Detroit's east side.

Police say four men were involved in a drug deal near St. John Hospital, but at some point it turned into a robbery and the two groups of men started chasing each other in cars along Moross Road. That's when the crash happened.

One of the neighbors looked out her window to see her car demolished.

Again, one of the suspects climbed out of the sunroof and ran away. All four men from the two cars that were chasing each other took off, but not for long. Police arrested all of them.

Another victim told us he got out of his car just moments before it was hit.

And despite all of this, amazingly no one was seriously injured.

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