Eastpointe girl who lost family in house fire helps get smoke detectors into homes

EASTPOINTE, Mich. – Mia Radosavac is 17 years old, but you can tell how driven she is to do something positive in the face of tragedy.

Last fall Radosavac's parents and little sister died in a house fire at their Eastpointe home. She was the only survivor.

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“I went straight to the house," said her godfather, Joe Zago. "I saw that it had burned down and went right to the hospital where Mia was treated."

Zago said the family took the battery out of a smoke detector because it would go off when they cooked. He said a candle was left lit and caused the tragic fire.

Radosavac and Zago have teamed up with the American Red Cross to be a part of the Red Cross Sound the Alarm Campaign, helping install 100,000 smoke alarms across the country. 

Since the Sound the Alarm Campaign started a few years ago, 582 lives have been confirmed as saved from the smoke detectors installed. 

For more information on the Sound the Alarm Campaign, visit the official Red Cross website here.

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