Detroit mother locked up for killing kids, putting them in freezer gets more time for assault

Mitchelle Blair admitted to assault behind bars, officials say

DETROIT – A Detroit mother locked up for brutally killing her two children and keeping their bodies in a freezer for years was back in court Friday.

This time, she's facing assault charges for a crime she admitted to committing behind bars, officials said.

"If the officers didn't provoke me, it wouldn't have happened," Mitchelle Blair said.

Blair showed no signs of remorse in court Friday morning. She's getting more prison time after pleading guilty to assaulting a prison employee.

Blair is already facing two life sentences after she admitted to killing her children and storing their bodies in a freezer. Investigators believe her son was only 9 years old when he was killed. Her daughter was 13 years old, officials said.

Blair was sentenced to additional jail time Friday for the assault charges, but not before another outburst in court.

"I definitely meant to kill her," Blair said. "No, not at all (accidental). If I had the chance to do it again, I would."

Blair finally calmed down enough to get her new sentence. She will have 38 months to five years added on to her two life sentences.

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