Air Force veteran receives heartfelt gift after motorized bicycle was stolen from Eastpointe home

Pinson saved for months, spent weeks building stolen bicycle

EASTPOINTE, Mich. – An Air Force veteran who said he saved for months and spent weeks building a motorized bicycle that was stolen from his Eastpointe home got a very special surprise Friday.

Scott Pinson said he would spend time working on the bike when he wasn't babysitting his grandchildren. The bike was something he could depend on, but thieves stole it last week.

"I borrowed a bicycle from the neighbor. I've been pedalling around, but not very much," Pinson said.

Tarek Neamou convinced his co-workers at All Brick Deisgn in Fraser to step in and provide the Air Force veteran with a new bike.

"I'm watching TV the other day and I saw someone took your bike. It upset me and I heard your other one used a lot of gas so we got you an electric bike," Neamou said.

"This is probably the nicest bicycle I've ever had, and I've had several of them," Pinson said.

Pinson is grateful to be riding again.

"Something like this doesn't happen often and it's never happened in my life to get something replaced that was taken away from me," Pinson said.

The bicycle was also an important life story for Pinson to share with his grandson.

"There are real people out there and everyone's not a thief and there's still good people left in this world," Pinson said.

ORIGINALThieves steal veteran's motorized bicycle from Eastpointe home

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