Dive team finds lost aircraft in northern Michigan; pilot, passenger still missing

Police find missing Beech Craft Bonanza off the coast of Frankfort

Missing plane Beech Craft Bonanza found May 22, 2019 in northern Michigan

An aircraft that had been missing since Sunday was found Wednesday by a dive team in northern Michigan. However, the pilot and passenger still remain missing. 

UPDATE: Body of passenger Emanuel Manos was found Wednesday, May 29. 

Michigan State Police said the missing Beech Craft Bonanza 35, with tail number N1561Z, was found about 4.5 miles off the coast of Frankford in about 515 feet of water. 

The State Police Marine Services Team found the aircraft around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) with sonar. The AUV, a rover with video capability, was then used to confirm the identity of the missing N1561Z plane. The rover continued to search the area and interior of the plane for the pilot and passanger but they did not appear to be on board.

Authorities believe the two men aboard to small aircraft were 65-year-old Randal Dippoid of Perry, and 53-year-old Emanuel Manos of Monroe.

The aircraft, originally reported missing on May 17, took off from Ontonagon in the Upper Peninsula and was in transit to Monroe, Michigan. 

Controllers directed the aircraft to an airport in Frankfurt when the plane's engine was reportedly malfunctioning. It is inclusive which man was flying the plane when it dropped off radar about 4 miles west of Frankfort this past Sunday night.