A wild yarn: 2 alpacas escape, herded back to Brighton home by police, neighbors

Alpaca-lypse Now


BRIGHTON, Mich. – Livingston County was home to two escaped alpacas Thursday evening before being they were apprehended by police and two dyed-in-the-wool, local heroes.

According to authorities, the Green Oak Township Police Department received a 911 call from a motorist who reported two alpacas, wearing bandanas, were on the loose on Rickett Road.

Police didn't think the wool was being pulled over their eyes and believed the call was legitimate. Green Oak Township Police "Alpaca" Enforcement Officer David Vasiloff and Sgt. Marty Otman were dispatched to the area. Upon arriving, they found two local residents who, through "shear" force of will, had rounded up the alpacas in their yard. Together, the four led the alpacas into the resident's garage. 

The residents got down to the knitty-gritty and told police they were willing to care for the alpacas until the unknown owner was located. 

Within 10 minutes, Jennifer Hansen, the alpacas' owner, contacted police to report two of her alpacas had gone missing. The residents walked the alpacas back to their home, which was almost within spitting distance, a half-mile away.

Hansen said she was feeding her five alpacas that night when they fled through a gate she had left open. The three male alpacas stayed in the yard, but the two females hoofed it. 

Hansen thanked her neighbors and local authorities for their quick and safe work.

No injuries or spitting were reported.