Oakland County residents divided over I-75 noise barrier

Some residents want sound wall, others don't

Residents in Oakland County are divided over a possible noise barrier along I-75.

Some residents are hoping they meet the requirements for a sound wall, while others don't want one.

A meeting was held Monday night at which residents voiced their concerns about the sound walls. Community members are split over the walls.

"I can see truck drivers. I can see trailers that I never saw before," said Auburn Hills resident  Ann Lauer.

Unfortunately for her, the area she lives in doesn't qualify for the sound walls. 

The decision about where some of the sound walls are being placed was made based on data from sound monitors and through sound testing.

 "There were neighborhoods that qualified for the wall based on noise level and pretty much density," said Rob Morosi of MDOT. 

Density is a big factor in the process. You can have noise density that is high, but if you only have a cluster of homes, such as four, then a sound wall is not being installed. 

Meanwhile some residents who qualify for the sound wall do not want one. For example, one resident said she doesn't want to look at one. 

So it seems like MDOT is in a situation where a lot of people are going to be upset, whether they get a wall or not.  

Learn about the noise barrier battle in the video above.

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