Southfield animal rescue at risk of losing building when city puts property up for bid

Almost Home Animal Rescue League seeking new location

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – For 13 years, Almost Home Animal Rescue League has been taking in animals, vaccinating them, rehabilitating them and readying them for adoption.

In one year, 450 animals are adopted.

Founder Gail Montgomery has always enjoyed a great working relationship with the city of Southfield, but in March, she received a letter.

“In March we got notice saying they put our building up for bid out of the clear blue sky,” Montgomery said.

The shelter complied with the request for proposal and since then hasn’t heard anything.

“We are not a barber shop, we are not a restaurant, we are a service to the city,” Montgomery said. “We save them over $200,000 per year and save all of their animals. We are a no-kill shelter.”

The city of Southfield told Local 4 two weeks ago that it continually reviews all city vendors and contracts in an effort to maximize every tax dollar. The city is currently reviewing all proposals and no determination has been made.

For now, the employees and animals are in limbo at Almost Home, not knowing what is going to happen.

“I have to have a place for my animals,” Montgomery said. “If I don’t, the city will take them and they will be dead. They will euthanize them. I’m very upset.”

While Montgomery waits for a decision from the city, she is looking into other locations. She is trying to raise money to buy a building or renovate an existing building.

Donations can be sent to:
Almost Home
25503 Clara Lane
Southfield, MI 48034