Detroit Charter Revision Commission vice chair addresses issues at meetings, defends herself

Nicole Small accused of grabbing Carol Weaver's wrist

DETROIT – “The case is closed; there are no grounds for assault,” said Nicole Small, vice chair of the Detroit Charter Revision Commission.  

Small said she has been waiting to talk about this.

“This has now turned into an attack and an assassination on my character.  This is why I stand here today to clear my name,” said Small.

Small addressed the media Monday with several supporters behind her.

This all stemmed from the latest Detroit Charter Revision Commission meeting. Small is accused of grabbing the wrist of Carol Weaver. Small said that never happened.   

“If you watch the video, you will see, I was the one who was assaulted. I was trying to prevent Carol Weaver from using a gavel as a weapon to harm myself and others who were surrounding her,” said Small. 

Local 4 obtained that video. The video showed Small sitting down, and then it appears to show where she grabbed Weaver’s arm. Local 4 reached out to Weaver. 

“No one deserves to feel unsafe. Disagreements are alright, but putting hands on another is unacceptable. In light of recent incidents at the Detroit Charter Commission meetings, the commission will vote tomorrow on a safety policy to ensure the safety of the public and commissioners,” said Weaver in a statement.  

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