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DETROIT – Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Breaking Down -- The Black Keys

Rock duo The Black Keys released their newest album since "Turn Blue" in 2014. The album was self-produced. The band worked with producer Danger Mouse for previous albums.

"When your heart's been aching / When you can't escape it / Don't you feel like breaking down"

The album stays true to their psychedelic rock vibes, and is relatively melancholy overall. The song "Breaking Down" flows smoothly with the album, but also manage to stand out from the rest.

"Took a trip on the skip in the ocean / Sunk my ship, like a brick, I was sulking / Comin' round on the tide of your lovin' / Spun me round, ran aground, next to nothing / Ain't it something?"

The Black Keys will be at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on Oct 5.

If you like "Breaking Down" here are some other songs by The Black Keys worth checking out:

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Will We Talk? -- Sam Fender

English singer and songwriter Sam Fender’s newest track is a tale about meaningless connections and one night stands.

The song tells a simple story about a night with no romance that doesn’t turn into more and isn’t discussed when the sun rises, despite a woman questioning if they’ll talk when it’s all said and done.

“And she said / ‘If you dance with me, darling / If you take me home /Will we talk in the morning?’”

Fender’s new album, “Hypersonic Missiles,” is due out in the fall.

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I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PRAY -- X Ambassadors

The song off the band's newest album "ORION" delivers emotion like a punch to the gut.

The lyrics have lead vocalist Sam Harris on a bathroom floor, pleading with a God he's unfamiliar with. It feels like a reflection on a moment of true desperation and is expressed in an evocative way.

"I don't know how to pray / But here I am in this bathroom, hopin' you'll come back soon / Knees on the floor, prayin' to a Lord I don't know / I don't know how to pray / 'Cause if I did, I'd be worthless, all I know is curses"

The end of the short song finishes with a snippet of Harris speaking with his brother, Casey, the band's keyboardist. In that short clip the two share an intimate moment with the world.

When the piece is finished it moves seamlessly into "HOLD YOU DOWN" only amplifying the emotional impact.

If you like "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PRAY" here are some other songs by X Ambassadors worth checking out:

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Getting Started -- Aloe Blacc feat. JID

Aloe Blacc selected the motivational “Getting Started” on the show “Songland.”

JID joins Blacc on the song about chasing goals and putting in work to get where you want to be. It’s a positive and energetic track.

“I can see the future, it ain't no mystery / I'm on the throne, lookin' down, makin' history / While you was smellin' roses I was puttin' work in.”

The song will be included in the “Fast & Furious” spin-off, “Hobbs & Shaw.”

"I'm looking for a song that's inspirational and motivational but also the right kind of vibe for the film Hobbs and Shaw,” Blacc said on “Songland.”

If you like "Getting Started" here are some other songs by Aloe Blacc worth checking out:

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All I Do Is Lie -- Stef Chura

Detroit rocker Stef Chura released her second album "Midnight," which features "All I Do Is Lie" as the first track.

The variations in her vocals add to the track as she pushes the song to a more vulnerable place, making it more unique. The song itself pulls the listener in deeper the more it's played.

"Baby, you would like me / If you'd never met me, I'm / Depleting, conquer and forget me, I am / Depleting, conquer and forget me, I am / Depleting, conquer and forget me"

The album earned high praise from Rolling Stone, the magazine calling her "a formidable triple threat: intense singer, bracing guitarist, revelatory songwriter."

If you like "All I Do Is Lie" here are some other songs by Stef Chura worth checking out:

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