Highland Park neighborhood on high alert after dog attack

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – Police worked to get two dogs under control Friday afternoon in Highland Park.

Police told Local 4 crews to stay inside the news van as the dogs ran around Pasadena Street, between Woodward and Hamilton avenues.

Residents said dogs have been a continual issue in the area.

"They have been a problem," said Lynince Swint. "We have been scared to walk down the sidewalk."

Friday afternoon, a man in his 30s was bitten. He was taken to the Henry Ford Hospital to be treated.

Police searched the neighborhood, looking for the dogs before using sirens to get their attention.

Once the dogs were boxed in by police cruisers, officers used bologna to lure the dogs closer to them. A dog expert then stepped in and used dog treats.

The owner of the dogs retrieved the dogs, but she has since surrendered them to police.

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