Detroit residents want eyesore torn down

Not all homes in federally funded zones

DETROIT – "I wish they would come tear it down and get it over with," said Keith Simms, who lives next to a vacant Detroit home.  

Simms has lived next to this eyesore for more than a year. "I don't know what the hell happened to this house but it just fell down," said Simms.   

His neighborhood at Clements near Linwood has certainly changed over the years. "It’s a shame. If people don’t buy them up, they sit there, then scrappers tear them up even more," Simms said.  

As Local 4 drove around, we noticed boarded up homes. There was also empty lots and fresh holes where homes had been demolished. 

So how does the city choose which home gets torn down? Well due to federal funding  they don’t often have a choice. Some areas are within federally funded zones, and others are not. Simms neighborhood is split. 

"One side of the street is Hardest Hit Fund and the other is not, so you wonder why one home gets demolished. It is because of the restrictions we have," said Kim Tandy, District 2 Manager. 

Simm says he hopes the home next door is on the list soon. 

"I wish they would do a better job then they are doing now. We are concerned about the kids," said Simm. 

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