Facebook post leads to multistate investigation into man with ties to Walled Lake dance studio

Man private messaged woman asking for 'sexy photos and more'


WALLED LAKE, Mich. – A viral Facebook post by a dancer in Florida has more than 1,500 comments and nearly 500 shares as the dance community in Orlando and Walled Lake share eerily similar experiences.

That post detailed the private messages she was getting from a man trying to get her to pose for “sexy photos and more."

He hasn’t been charged with a crime, but his involvement in the dance and photography profession in Orlando is well known as well as his involvement with Dance Dynamics in Walled Lake. Women started posting the private messages they’ve received from this man’s various social media accounts for years.

Then the allegations of sexual assault started. So far, one police report has been filed alleging sexual assault, with the possibility of more. A protest in front of the studio is scheduled for Sunday.

The owner declined an interview but did send a statement which in part reads, “(name redacted) has never been employed as an instructor at Dance Dynamics. He served as a guest choreographer, adjudicator, and was a creative consultant. Upon learning this information, we took immediate action to formally remove (name redacted) as an employee of Dance Dynamics."

Women like Callie Agius and Piper Ryan are sharing their interactions with him while in Walled Lake.

“I wasn’t stunned, I wasn’t surprised it happened what shocked me the most was there was so many of them,” Ryan said.

Both police in Orlando and in Walled Lake are encouraging women who think the behavior has crossed into criminality to contact their departments.

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