Ex-Michigan State president Lou Anna Simon could go to trial

Simon accused of lying to police during Nassar investigation

Lou Anna Simon in court April 2019. (WDIV)

CHARLOTTE, Mich. – Today we could learn if former Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon will stand trial.

Simon will appear before a judge for the seventh day in what has become a lengthy preliminary hearing. She's accused of lying during the state's investigation into a potential cover up of the Larry Nassar scandal.

The defense is trying to get the case thrown out.

Detective says he believes Simon lied to investigators

Both the judge and detectives on the case believe Simon is lying about not knowing about Nassar's prolific abuse

During the hearing last month, a Michigan State Police detective on the case gave an interesting answer when asked if he believed Simon lied, and the judge said something that might offer a hint about her ruling.

"During your interview, did you ask the defendant about Larry Nassar?" Detective William Ardnt was asked.

"We did," he said.

Ardnt sat on the witness stand Tuesday and made bold statements about Simon.

"I don't have any doubt that she lied to us," Ardnt said. "I believe she did lie to us."

Simon is charged with lying to a peace officer during the state's investigation into a potential cover-up of the Nassar scandal.

Simon said she only knew of an issue with a sports medicine doctor, but not that it was Nassar.

The strongest evidence so far is a notation by the university's Title IX coordinator -- a handwritten note reading "Nassar" on a folder with agenda for a meeting with Simon.

In discussing whether some evidence could be admitted, Eaton County Judge Julie Reincke discussed what probable cause she believes exists so far in the case.

Some believe her comment could offer insight into her future ruling.

"I have seen lots of agendas with sexual assault and OCR on them," Reincke said. "I think they provide probable cause that Dr. Simon knew what was going on, and there's a reference to the osteopathic medicine equipment."

The defense is contesting that she knew it was a criminal investigation.

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