Another day, another alligator: Resident sees alligator in Belleville Lake

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VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Another alligator has been found in a state where alligators do not natively reside, just days after the last sighting in Metro Detroit.

An alligator was found Tuesday morning on the side of a road in Oceola Township.

Last week, a Detroit man vacationing in Saginaw shot a gator that wandered onto his property.

The week before, an alligator was found wandering around Milford

The sighting of the large reptile was the talk of Belleville, where a woman insists she saw a real alligator in Belleville Lake.

She reported the sighting to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. 


The Van Buren Police Department released a statement Friday. It said the sighting of an alligator has not been confirmed.

Part of the statement can be read below.

None of these tips have been substantiated, and an alligator has not been sighted on shore by anyone. At this time, and until further conclusive evidence is identified, these should be considered as sightings of “something” in the water.

Some local news outlets have reported that there has been recent incidents where alligators have been found and captured in Michigan waterways. With that being said, we should not take this possible sighting in Belleville Lake lightly.

If you see something suspicious or something that resembles an alligator, please call Van Buren Police Department at 734-699-8930.

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