Man gets beloved Ford Mustang back 14 years after selling it to pay for wife's cancer treatment

Bill Ford restores car for family

DETROIT – About 14 years ago, Wesley Ryan made the tough choice to sell his beloved car, a 1993 Ford Mustang he called Christine, to pay for his wife's cancer treatment.

The car was a sort of therapy for Laura Ryan as she battled ovarian cancer.

"The roar, the sound of the car, the wind hitting my face, it was therapeutic in itself and it allowed me an outlet," Laura Ryan said.

But the medical bills were piling up, and the family had no option but to sell the car.

"I just remember my dad hurting when he sold the car," Jeni Ryan said.

The family thought they would never again see the car that they shared so many memories, but they were wrong.

Wesley Ryan's son, Jacob, found the Mustang.

"I know Jacob told me real quick, 'Hey, I found Christine.' I was like, 'Hey, let's go get it,'" Jeni Ryan said.

Jacob and Jeni bought the car and surprised their father with it, but the story gets better -- a video of the surprise caught the attention of Ford Chairman Bill Ford.

"We received an official letter from him (Bill Ford) stating that he wanted to restore the car and, of course, we were like, 'Go ahead,'" Jeni Ryan said.

After months of restoration, the car is back home with the Ryan family.

"It's Christine with a new heartbeat," Wesley Ryan said.

Having Christine again brings Laura Ryan back.

"I can relive that moment of what I experienced back when I was dealing through my journey of cancer," she said.