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DETROIT – Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Let Bygones Be Bygones -- Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg's newest track looks at his career, while paying tribute to Death Row Records founder Suge Knight.

"Death Row Records will go down in history," Snoop says in the track.

Snoop goes back into his life as he reflects on his journey with Death Row. The record company helped boost numerous rappers' careers, including Snoop, Dr. Dre and 2Pac.

Knight and Snoop have had troubles between them in the past, but Snoop has previously said he forgave Knight. "Let Bygones Be Bygones" only further reaffirms that the rapper is over the bad blood, as the song is an ode to how much Knight helped him.

"You always said I'd be a star in the game / Now I have a star on the (expletive) Walk of Fame."

Snoop's 17th album, "I Wanna Thank Me," is due out Aug. 16.

If you like "Let Bygones Be Bygones," here are some other songs by Snoop Dogg worth checking out:

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Hell of a Time -- Hoodie Allen

Rapper, singer and songwriter Hoodie Allen has dropped a new single and it's an instant hit.

He apologized for "spending the music video budget on a fake ID and a checklist," which is a reference to his song "No Interruption." He also notes, "so I paid people on the internet 5 dollars to dance to my song." The video for "Hell of a Time" is a result of that, and it's wonderful.

The honest, vulnerable lyrics about a difficult breakup and the clips of "people on the internet" dancing combine to create something really powerful.

"It's been a minute since I called you drunk / it's been a minute since we f***ed things up / it's been a minute since I called you mine / it's been a hell of a time"

His new album "WHATEVER USA" is expected to be released on Aug. 16. Hoodie Allen will perform at Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit on Oct. 16.

If you like "Hell of a Time," here are some other songs by Hoodie Allen worth checking out:

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Do You Feel Me? -- Oliver Tree feat. Whethan

This year included a new EP and an announcement that Oliver Tree would be embarking on his final tour.

"Do You Feel Me?" from the eccentric Tree is an energetic collection of six songs.

My friend showed me a music video when she introduced me to his music (thanks, Sarah!), and the way he was dressed kind of surprised me. But, like his style choices, his sound is unique and really good.

DJ and producer Whetean worked with Tree on the title track, an upbeat, high-energy song that blends retro vibes and catchy beats.

Tree will perform in Detroit on Nov. 1.

If you like "Do You Feel Me?," here are some other songs by Oliver Tree worth checking out:

Hurt | Miracle Man | Alien Boy | Movement | All That |

whywhywhy -- MisterWives

The writing in this song is incredible and lead singer Mandy Lee's voice resonates with emotion. The opening lyrics paint a picture of heartbreak that's only looked at deeper as the song progresses.

"I turn up my speakers / so I can drown my thoughts just a little bit quicker / dancing barefoot in the dead of winter / So I can numb this heart that’s full of splinters"

The video is just as beautiful as the lyrics. Pulsing with passion, vivid colors and emotional energy. It dances around love, disappointment and almost every other emotion people can feel.

"I should have known when you were grinding your teeth / That you were hiding your feelings from me / I should have know when you were tossing in your sleep  / That you were hiding your feelings from me"

If you like "whywhywhy," here are some other songs by MisterWives worth checking out:

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Blood -- ILLENIUM feat. Foy Vance

While the lyrics aren't all that complex, ILLENIUM's "Blood" as a track overall is full of a lot of depth.

The song is heavier than his usual work and layers beats to make an incredibly catchy song. And while there aren't many lyrics in the four-minute song, they're positive.

"When you find your mind in a dark place / Hold on, it won't be long / Before you see my face / I'm coming to the rescue / Take your hand, comfort you / It's the least that I can do / 'Cause we're blood."

If you like "Blood," here are some other songs by ILLENIUM worth checking out:

Good Things Fall Apart | Crashing | Beautiful Creatures | Pray | Take You Down |

Other songs to check out:

  • MADE IT -- Ryan Oakes feat. Justin Stone
  • 2 Places -- Tori Kelly
  • Quits -- Flume feat. Reo Cragun
  • The Upside -- Lindsey Stirling feat. Elle King
  • My Stress -- NF

Upcoming shows:

  • Florida Georgia Line at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston on Aug. 10 (Saturday)
  • Boyz II Men at MGM Grand Detroit on Aug. 15 (Detroit)
  • Papa Roach at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights on Aug. 16 (Friday)
  • Hootie & The Blowfish at DTE Energy Music Theatre on Aug. 16 (Friday)
  • Rich The Kid at Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre in Detroit on Aug. 17 (Saturday)

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