Detroiter who went blind after getting shot at lounge shares story, asks shooter to come forward

Police confirm to Local 4 person of interest identified

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DETROIT – “It was a Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving,” said Lisa Sled. 

Sled said Nov. 21, 2018, is a day she will never forget. She met some friends for karaoke night at Baker's Keyboard Lounge on Livernois Avenue. 

According to Sled, at the end of the night, they all said goodbye. “I left. I got in my car, which was parked directly in front of Baker's Keyboard Lounge. I heard a knock, boom. That was it,” said Sled. 

Someone shot her car three times. “By God’s grace, only one of them hit me. It hit me in the back. I am totally blind. I can’t see anything,” said Sled. 

Recently, Sled told her story on Facebook, where she showed the damage that had been done to her eyes and face.

“My whole life has changed. I can’t do anything without anybody helping me. I hate that. I’ve lost my independence because of some fool out here and it’s not fair,” said Sled. 

Police said her shooter has not been caught. “Why are you such a coward?” said Sled, of the shooter.  

Sled said she’s grateful to be alive. “God has been good to me. I just beat a bout with cancer, right before this happened. I just went back to work from it. I got a reason to be here. I’m grateful that you guys are here and somebody is finally listening to me, because I feel like nobody was. I don’t wish this on anybody,” said Sled. 

Police confirmed to Local 4 that they have identified a person of interest in the case. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP. 

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