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DETROIT – Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Shadow -- Macklemore feat. IRO

"Shadow" was first pushed into the spotlight on NBC's show "Songland." IRO performed the song. His writing ability and vocal skills garnered the attention of rapper Macklemore, who decided to support the song.

While Macklemore is the lead in the official release, IRO's talent steals the show. His smooth voice brings a unique passion that is driven right into the heart of the listener.

"Got me straight up drinkin' from the barrel / I've been losin' hours / Singin' sad songs underneath the gallows / Runnin' from my shadow"

"If you write the lyrics, you end up on the song. I’ve never done it any other way," Macklemore said on "Songland."

Macklemore's part in the song adds to IRO's original concept. The song is an emotional journey, touching on addiction, and the struggle of human existence.

"What kind of dad would hold their kids / Then go back out and ignore the risk? / The shadow wants me to forget the pain / Wants me to live in the guilt and the shame"

Learn more about the journey of "Shadow" with this digital exclusive.

Survival -- Bone Thugs-n-Harmony feat. Ky-mani Marley

1990s rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony teamed up with Bob Marley's son, Ky-mani Marley, on their newest track.

It's been nearly three decades since the group formed, and they're still making music that isn't just good but stays true to a sound they've perfected.

"Ain't no erasing me, ain't no disgracing me / Ain't no replacing me, I do this for tomorrow / But if I die tonight, I die a martyr."

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony recently posted on Facebook that a new album was coming. The group originally said it was releasing a final album in 2015 but released an album in 2017 under the name Bone Thugs. It included only two members of the group.

With new music apparently on the way, it doesn't seem s if the group will be done any time soon, and if they keep making music like "Survival," I'm not complaining.

The Darkness Has a Voice -- Amber Run

British indie rock band Amber Run released their new single, "The Darkness Has a Voice," ahead of their upcoming third album "Philophobia."

Philophobia is defined as the overwhelming fear of falling in love, a fear so intense that it interferes with your life. Their new single is haunting, beautiful and emotionally powerful.

"And the darkness has a voice tonight / So beautiful but so unkind / I'm floating in the boiling ink / I'm terrified of how I think"

The band said, on Facebook, that the album "is a reflection on relationships. But one of the most important relationships that is forever forgotten is the constant dialogue we have with ourselves about ourselves. We would never be as unkind to the people around as we are to ourselves."

The album is expected to be released on Sept. 27.

Kiss & Tell -- Angels & Airwaves

Angels & Airwaves dropped their second new track of 2019 last week.

It's a catchy track, more than four minutes long, that, along with "Rebel Girl," released earlier this year, marks an energetic return to music for the band featuring former Blink-182 lead singer Tom DeLonge.

"The beginning of the song is really an ode to The Beach Boys," DeLonge said.

He said the goal of the track was to mix electronic sounds with pop-punk and classic rock melodies.

It succeeds.

The band is currently on tour for the first time in seven years.

Angels & Airwaves will perform in Detroit on Sept. 20. The band was originally slated to play at St. Andrew’s Hall, but the show was moved to The Fillmore due to demand.

Motion Picture -- Mikey Mike

Mikey Mike's "Life On Earth Vol. 1" isn't just an album, it's the first installment of what will be a lifetime of passion from Mike. His music is open, honest and vulnerable, and his live performances go beyond just a regular show. Mike is able to create a connection to the audience that some performers only dream of.

"Motion Picture" comes near the end of "Vol. 1" and slows the album down. Some of my favorite songs from the album "Cooler," "Doin' Me," "Life On Earth," and "Yasmin you will never hear this" -- were previously released and are all wonderful songs.

Mike started the album five years ago. He said he has received 25,000 calls from strangers after putting his number out into the world. He said during that time period he was signed to a label, dropped and worked with some of his idols.

"so many times i just wanted to fly off to India and wander the Himalayas and leave the craziness behind. but theres too much to be done here. definitely dont want to leave this body knowing there might have been someone else i could have reached."

"Vol. 2" is underway and the first single from that album is expected to be released in a few weeks.

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