Man standing on Detroit street corner struck, killed by hit-and-run driver

Victim was trying to drum up business for oil change shop

DETROIT – Video shows a man who was standing on the side of the road get hit and killed by a driver who swerved into him and kept going.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon on Gratiot Avenue and Linnhurst Street in Detroit. By the time an ambulance arrived to the scene there was little anyone could do to save the man who was left bleeding on the street.

"Knocked him 10 foot in the air, 50 feet down, and came head first. I know it's too much information, but he was just a neighborhood guy trying to make a living," witness Frank Fred said.

Witnesses said the victim often stood at a corner holding a sign, trying to drum up business for an oil change shop nearby.

"He tried to dance, sing, move the sign," Fred said

It's unclear if the victim ever saw the out of control truck coming his way, but surveillance video shows the vehicle jump the curb, hit the man, and keep going.

A driver in a white SUV saw the driver leave the scene and made a U-turn in another lot, trying to get the burgundy truck to pull over.

"The guy came back and said he lost him on Cadieux by the freeway," Fred said

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