Fortnite game ends, leaves player screens with tiny black hole

Players around world now wondering what will happen next

Anybody looking forward to playing Sunday's live Fortnite event called, "The End," couldn't have imagined it would live up to its name so literally.

Just after 2 p.m., millions of players saw their screens turn into a tiny black hole after the game went out of existence.

Now, players around the world are wondering what will happen next with servers down and the black hole still on screens. 

After logging on, players saw a Dusty Divot rocket launch into the air, according to Forbes

Multiple rockets then came out of various rifts and went randomly around the map before finally settling in one spot in front of the suspended-in-time meteor.

The meteor then went into an uber-rift and came out flanked by a few rockets, which split and hit various points around the map while the meteor pressed into the Zero Point force field at Loot Lake. 

At that point, everyone was flung completely off of the map and sucked into a vortex.

Now, the big question is whether there was an actually malfunction, or if killing the game was a designed ploy by Fortnite in advance of a new map being created.