Pontiac school district cites marijuana concerns in asking parents not to send baked goods to school

Students sickened by marijuana edibles

The superintendent of Pontiac schools wants to make it her crusade to work with other districts and the state to keep cannabis edibles out of schools.

Pontiac school officials confirmed that some children who attend International Technology Academy, a K-12 school, got sick after consuming marijuana edibles. Officials said students are using them in school.

"We have to make sure they are not in school. The only way is to take snacks away," Heidi Hedquist, the district spokesperson, said.

"Due to the nature of edibles and the fact that they frequently resemble traditional homemade baked goods and pre-packaged candy we are strongly discouraging parents from sending students to school with home-baked snacks or pre-packaged items, especially with unfamiliar branding," a letter sent to parents said.

Any students with packaged snacks or baked goods may be subject to a search. If the snacks contain marijuana, there will be immediate disciplinary action by the school and Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

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