Former UAW aide Jeff Pietrzyk pleads guilty in federal fraud case

Pietrzyk must return the money

DETROIT – Former United Automotive Workers official Jeff Pietrzyk pleaded guilty Tuesday for his involvement in a federal fraud case.

He is expected to be sentenced to 2 years, or 27 months to prison. He has to return the money.

Pietrzyk was an aide to UAW Vice President Joe Ashton. He will reportedly enter a guilty plea in late October.

Pietrzyk is charged with money laundering and wire fraud for allegedly milking UAW vendors for kickbacks, according to court records.

He was referenced in an August case against former UAW official Mike Grimes, who was convicted in the corruption case.

The UAW released a statement that said, "The criminal conduct Jeff Pietrzyk has admitted is appalling and goes against everything we stand for as a union."

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