Ex-UAW official indicted on suspicion of money laundering, fraud

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DETROIT – Jeff Pietrzyk, a former aid to UAW Vice President Joe Ashton, is the 11th current or former UAW official to be accused of widespread corruption. 

An indictment accuses Pietrzyk of money laundering and wire fraud. Authorities said Pietrzyk spent years bilking UAW venders for kickbacks.

As detailed in the federal criminal case, the UAW had a vendor for watches and that vendor was then expected to give kickbacks to UAW top brass. Pietrzyk was allegedly getting checks from the vendor for various amounts -- usually $25,000. The checks reportedly were represented as being for antique furniture, but  there was no furniture, it was strictly a cash payment.

The criminal complaint against Pietrzyk also details kickbacks given to another UAW official described as union official one, who is believed to be Ashton. The kickbacks allegedly totaled more than $550,000.

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