Hazel Park plans emergency lead service line repair after testing

3 of 30 sites exceeded healthy lead levels

HAZEL PARK, Mich. – In accordance to the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act, Hazel Park collected samples of 30 sites with known lead service lines and found three of those sites exceeded accepted levels of lead of 15 parts per billion, according to a release from the city.

During the sample monitoring period, four sites reported elevated lead results, prompting an emergency lead service repair, according to the release.

"This new sampling method is expected to result in higher lead results," the release states, "not because the water source or quality for residents has changed, but because the Act has more stringent sampling procedures ad analysis."

According to the release, although the lead 90th percentile for the city's water supply at 16 ppb exceeds Action Level at 15 ppb, it does not mean every customer has exceeded lead levels and is not a violation of the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act.

"The 'Action Level' is not a health-based standard, but it is a level that triggers additional
actions including, but not limited to, increased investigative sampling of water quality and educational
outreach to customers," the release states.

The city suggests the following actions to help reduce lead exposure:

  • Use cold water for drinking, cooking or preparing baby formula
  • Run your water to flush out lead-containing water
  • Do not boil your water as it does not help reduce the amount of lead in water
  • Check whether your home has a lead service line by contacting the water department at 248-546-4076