Neighbor testifies at preliminary hearing of man accused of killing wife by spiking cereal with heroin

FLINT – A neighbor of the man accused of murdering his wife by spiking her cereal with heroin spoke at the preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Christy Ann Thompson Harris was found dead in September of 2014 in the bedroom of the home she shared with Jason Harris. Her death was originally ruled an accidental overdose. Five years passed before prosecutors announced charges against her husband.

“We believe he put heroin in her cereal and milk the night she died,” Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said.

Harris was in court Tuesday for a preliminary hearing where it will be decided if there is enough evidence for a murder trial. The preliminary hearing is expected to take several days and will resume next Tuesday. Audio from the hearing will not be released until the hearing is completed.

A neighbor testified how she was called by another neighbor when the woman’s body was found in the bedroom with no pulse. When Jason Harris arrived, she said she told him she was sorry and he allegedly asked her, “What am I going to tell my kids?” She said he said that before seeing the body.

A former co-worker of Jason Harris testified that he gave Harris 10 pills of Klonopin. He said Harris told him he planned on crushing them up so his wife would go to sleep. The defense questioned the former co-worker’s memory and called him a reformed drug addict.

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