UAW President Gary Jones steps aside -- What’s next?

DETROIT – United Auto Workers President Gary Jones asked for a leave of absence Saturday during an emergency meeting held by the United Auto Workers International Board.

READ: UAW President Gary Jones announces leave of absence, Rory Gamble to serve as interim president

It’s a major shakeup for the UAW as negotiations are set to begin Monday with Fiat Chrysler.

Jones was placed on paid leave amid an embezzlement scandal. He is being replaced by UAW vice president Rory Gamble.

Jones had his house searched by federal agents in August and two close associates of his were recently indicted.

“The concern is he might be next coming down the line,” said Local 4 business editor Rod Meloni. "The next thing for the UAW to do is set aside this Gary Jones incident.”

That plan is already in motion.

“It’s obvious the board wants to get a fresh start," Meloni said. "That’s what they get with Rory Gamble.”

The board voted Gamble as the interim UAW president. Gamble served three terms as the director of UAW Region 1A.

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