Woman designing, placing rocks around Metro Detroit to spread kindness

DETROIT – These aren’t just any old rocks that you might find on the ground. They feature artwork designed to uplift and spread kindness. For years, Karen Shroeder has been using her gift.

“I started painting a long time ago. I’ve always been artistic,” said Shroeder.

She does it to bring joy into people’s lives.

“That’s the whole idea. It’s just to have some fun and maybe help someone feel a little better throughout the day. Everybody has down days,” she said.

So far, she’s created hundreds of the rocks.

“There are hundreds. I set them out wherever I go. If I’m at a store, it might go on a store window sill. Everytime we go on vacation. I take a few rocks with me and leave them behind,” said Shroeder.

Every rock contains a message leading whoever found it to connect with Shroeder online.

“It’s just a good feeling to know that our rocks are found and appreciated,” she said.

Now Shroeder hopes people can see this story and do the same by passing on kindness and spreading joy.