Marijuana degree: Lake Superior State University offers cannabis programs

‘Cannabis Chemistry’ program at LSSU is first of its kind in nation

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A new marijuana degree program at Lake Superior State University promises to prepare students “with the knowledge necessary to gain employment in emergent cannabis markets."

The university, located in Sault Sainte Marie, Mich., says the “Cannabis Chemistry” program is “a mix of core curriculum chemistry with cutting-edge cannabis courses.” It’s the first degree of its kind in the United States.

“First of all, the market is expanding rapidly," said Dr. Steven Johnson, the professor of Cannabis Chemistry for Lake Superior State University, in an interview with UpNorthLive. “They’re estimating about 20,000 jobs in the state of Michigan alone.”

The university lists these program goals on its website:

  • Provide students with a solid foundation of chemistry courses including organic chemistry, instrumental analysis, and biochemistry
  • Allow students to develop techniques in cannabis extraction and separation
  • Build a base of chemistry knowledge with applications in the quantitative analysis of cannabis related compounds and contaminants
  • Equip graduates with the skills necessary to gain employment in emerging cannabis markets of law enforcement laboratory scientist, public health and safety, regulatory management, and business applications

The Cannabis Chemistry program has both baccalaureate and associate degrees.

Lake State also is offering a “Cannabis Business” degree program -- a baccalaureate of science.

“The program tailors the basics of business management principles to specific cannabis business functions and operations,” reads a statement on the school’s website.

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