4 members of Wayne State Board of Governors vote to fire university president

President Roy Wilson, board members feud

DETROIT – After a year of battles between Wayne State University President Roy Wilson and members of the Board of Governors, four members of the board have voted to have him fired.

“He has shown us repeatedly, time and time again, that he is incapable of reuniting the board. The institution remains paralyzed. Get rid of him,” said board member Michael Busuito.

There’s been ongoing tension between Wilson and some board members over consulting fees, land deals and free tuition for Detroit students. Board members said they were unaware the university would be offering free schooling.

The board eight member board is split on whether or not Wilson should be fired.

The chair of the board, Kim Trent, released the following statement Tuesday:

"There is no legitimacy to the rumor that the president has been fired. The claim that a vote was taken during an executive committee meeting of the board to dismiss the president is false and disingenuous. First, there was no executive committee scheduled and no executive committee agenda was established as required by university bylaws.

"Following a regularly scheduled health affairs subcommittee meeting last night, board members were given a briefing they had requested on a special topic. Following that briefing, four board members illegitimately called for a vote on the president’s dismissal. They did this because one of the four board members who is resolute in their support of President Wilson was out of town and they thought they could get a majority vote. The other board members present did not vote.

“Even had there been an executive committee meeting, any votes taken would need to be ratified in a public board meeting and five votes are required. President Wilson remains steadfast in his commitment to leading Wayne State.”

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