Detroit police: Man shoots, kills girlfriend’s brother

DETROIT – Police said a brother and sister were arguing when the woman’s boyfriend stepped in and shot her brother, killing him.

An 18-year-old is now in custody, according to police. It happened at a home on Duchess Street near Moross and Kelly roads.

Neighbors said they were abruptly woken up around 5 a.m. Friday when they heard the sound of gunshots.

“I heard gun shots pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,” a man who wanted to remain anonymous said. “I came back and I didn’t even see the body or anything until my wife said she looked out the window and seen the body,”

Sources said there may have been children in the house who might have witnessed the shooting.

“I heard a guy hollering out, like, ‘I couldn’t let him hurt your mother.' Like he was explaining it to the kids or something,” the man said.

The sister was also shot. She is expected to make a full recovery.

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