Businessman Robert Carmack targets Mayor Mike Duggan at Council meeting

Carmack joins residents opposing Duggan’s request for $250 million bond

Bob Carmack claims Mayor Duggan accepted bribes

DETROIT – Detroit businessman Robert Carmack was on the verge of tears Tuesday as he told Detroit City Council members he has proof Mayor Mike Duggan accepted bribes related to the city’s demolition program.

Carmack was among a long line of Detroit residents railing against Duggan’s desire to have a $250 million bond issued to continue the demolition program. The emotional response forced City Council members to delay action.

“I don’t think you should do anything for the city to help this man,” Carmack said. “There’s a guy in jail doing 28 years -- a black man -- this man is worse than that guy. I mean, worse. He should be in jail. Lock this guy up.”

Carmack continued his all-out campaign against Duggan by bringing those claims to City Council. He asked members to ignore the mayor’s request for a $250 million blight municipal bond issue.

Detroit state Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo blasted the administration’s problems with federal and Inspector General investigations.

“We need to remove the cloud of suspicion that exists,” she said. “You are able to restore true trust and transparency. We cannot have a representative Democracy with all of these inquiries going on.”

Members of the mayor’s office said without the new demolition bond, instead of removing blight in five years, it will take 13 years.

City Council members decided they need more time to look at all the information, They’re expected to resume talks next week.

You can watch Rod Meloni’s full story in the video posted above.

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