Supporters rally for Wayne State University President Roy Wilson

Board of governors split on support for Wilson

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DETROIT – The fight within the Wayne State University Board of Governors continues as half the board members support President Roy Wilson and the other half has voted to fire him.

A group got together to voice support for Wilson, but those who want him gone plan to take the battle to court.

“We must stabilize Wayne State, and we can’t do that,” one resident said.

It was clear from the get-go Tuesday that a group of people wanted to talk about their support of Wilson and the split on the university’s board of governors.

The board is in charge of everything at Wayne State. Four of its members support Wilson and four oppose him. None of the current members were at Tuesday’s rally, but former members called on the board to fix the issue.

“In the spirit of unity, for Wayne State’s sake, work together,” one person said.

Those fighting against Wilson say he operates without transparency.

Michael Buisuito cited the unraveling relationship with the Detroit Medical Center, pediatricians leaving to partner with Central Michigan and the rollout of the free tuition program, saying nobody even knew about it.

They’ve even voted to fire Wilson, but is that legal? Buisuito says yes and others say no.

“This was an official meeting,” Buisuito said. “We had every right to do what we did.”

You can watch Nick Monacelli’s full story in the video posted above.

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