School in Ireland testing no homework policy

But there’s a catch


‘No homework!’ is one phrase students love to hear from their teachers. But how about ‘no homework, for good!’?

One school in Dublin is taking the approach.

Loreto Primary School is trying out a system where students are no longer overburdened with lots of homework in the evenings.

But here’s the catch: the only thing students have to do when they get home is tune into the news.

Another school in the capital, which introduced a no-written-homework policy for the majority of its students, has said the change is working out pretty well.

Loreto’s principal said her school is adopting the idea after a lot of discussions about the stress caused by homework.

“From 1st class really up until 4th /5th class and we just wanted to try it really because it was causing a lot of stress to children, and to parents and to teachers,” said Sister Maria Hyland, principal of Loreto.

She added that since the change, teachers now have more one-on-one time with their students.

As for the students, they are absolutely loving it.

“It’s really fun, because we still have to do our oral revision work to do at home but having less homework gives you more time to do more creative stuff like I like doing art, drawing and reading at home,” said 5th grader Faye Mullen.

Not all students are exempt from homework, however.

6th graders will still have written homework to prepare them for middle school.