Man charged in 1984 rape, murder of 16-year-old Michigan girl

Previous suspect exonerated in 2002

DETROIT – Police have been investigating the murder of 16-year-old Michelle Jackson since Jan. 25, 1984.

Kennith Dupree is accused of rape and murder in a case that was one of the first taken up by the University of Michigan’s Innocence Project.

It was an emotional day for Jackson’s family. Some of her family members were hearing details of her death for the first time and others were reliving it.

Police arrested Lloyd originally, but he was exonerated by the innocence project back in 2002. Now, 72-year-old Kennith Dupree has been charged.

A medical examiner report said Jackson was strangled to death and was sexually assaulted. A Detroit investigator said those details came from Dupree.

Investigators said Dupree made a statement that read in part, “girl was crying, ‘Let me go.’ I remember I started strangling her.”

Jackson’s cousin said they remember that day vividly.

Police said Jackson was on her way to school when Dupree attacked her.

Sgt. David Babcock was at the scene that day.

“Body was laying in garage. Thermals were wrapped around her neck,” Babock said.

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