People encouraged to use public transportation in Detroit, share experience online

Riders have mixed opinions about public transit

Bus riders gave feedback on public transportation.

DETROIT – Getting around Detroit, you can use a car, a bus, the People Mover or the Q-Line, but there’s a new push for more people to just use public transportation.

“Detroit is seen more as a Motor City and we want to push the scene as a mobility city as well,” said Aquina Johnson, with the Transit Diaries Campaign.

Johnson said the Regional Transit Authority of Southeastern Michigan plans on doing that by asking more people to use public transportation and document the experience online.

“It was basically created to showcase the positive fun, sometimes quirky stories of the transit riders,” Johnson said.

Johnson said it’s understood that Detroit is the Motor City and people are just used to their cars, but she said the city is and can be more than that.

“We’re really trying to put it in people’s minds, that public transportation is for you,” Johnson said.

Local 4 received mixed reactions about the push from Q-Line and bus riders.

Bryan Zmyslowski uses the Q-Line.

“For me, one mile is easy enough to jump on the Q-Line and the stop’s right there.When it’s raining and snowing, it’s a perfect opportunity not to have to worry about walking in and getting cold or wet," he said.

Meanwhile, Theodore McNeal uses the bus often.

“It’s less expensive to ride the bus as opposed to having a car, paying a car note and paying high car insurance. It’s just cheaper to just catch the bus," he said.

But McNeal said it comes with its issues.

“The buses are completely off schedule. People are late to work and there are literally buses right behind each other, and there are groups of people waiting for the bus at one given time,” he said.

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