WWII veteran from Metro Detroit honored with medals earned decades ago

Henry Kroll honored at ceremony

DEARBORN, Mich. – Henry Kroll served during World War II

”This gentleman participated in the Battle of the Bulge. Most of these gentleman don’t speak about it,” said Jack Tate, veteran and Dearborn Historical Museum curator.

Kroll, now 95, was only one of 17 survivors in a unit made up of 107 strong. Unfortunately, he never received the credit that he was due.

“I think it means to him he’s getting something that I think he’ll cherish and something that he should of have long ago. I think he couldn’t be there when they were giving them out but we’re making up for that today,” Tate said.

Fast-forward decades later and that recognition is finally here.

The ceremony was made possible because of Tate, who spearheaded the initiative of getting Kroll his rightfully earned accolades.

“Anything we can do for those men, we need to do. I’m saying that as a veteran myself,” Tate said.