Investigators warn customers about hackers ahead of online holiday shopping season

Officials investigating Disney Plus hack

DETROIT – Investigators are sounding the alarm about hacks and scams as many people head online for holiday shopping.

Officials said Disney Plus customers were hacked this week, and although the company said the internal investigation has not been completed, it serves as a reminder that thieves are out there looking for personal information.

Hacks, such as the massive Equifax breach, can be huge headaches for customers.

In the Equirfax hack, names, addresses, social security numbers, birth dates and emails were taken. The Disney Plus investigation is still ongoing, but investigators want everyone to be cautious heading into the online holiday season, because hacks aren’t going to stop.

What can you do to lessen your chances of being targeted?

  • When you shop online, make sure you’re on a secure website.
  • Never use a debit card to make purchases. Use a credit card because it might offer ID protection if you’re hacked.
  • Set up a separate email account to use for all shopping activity. Don’t use a work or family account.
  • Avoid pop-up advertisements. They can often lead you to insecure sites where you’re more likely to be exposed to thieves.

You can watch Hank Winchester’s full story in the video posted above.

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